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About Us

Grand Bank, chartered in 1968, is a federal savings bank with principal offices located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Unlike other banks, a substantial portion of our loan portfolio consists of owner-financed notes secured by real property. The Bank purchases notes throughout the U.S. without geographic restriction.

Experience - The management team is a pioneer of the owner-financed note industry. The bank was one of the first nationwide buyers of privately held notes, and has been a major buyer in the owner-financed industry ever since.

For over 33 years we have met the needs of sellers by purchasing and servicing notes in all 50 states.

Knowledge - Grand Bank understands the business. We have the experience and knowledge required to find solutions for those tough to sell notes. Plus, we have the depository funds to offer wholesale pricing so you receive top dollar.

For more information contact:

Rob Guyse
Vice President
Direct (601) 705-2388
email: rob.guyse@grandbankfsb.com

Michael Peters
Note Buyer, Loan Acquisitions
Direct (601) 705-2398
email: michael.peters@grandbankfsb.com