Grand Bank purchases owner-financed and bank-originated single loans and pools of loans from qualified brokers nationwide.
Our management team has been working with brokers of owner-financed notes since 1978. This unique perspective, and over 43 years of purchasing notes across the country, is reflected in our purchasing options that allow you the flexibility and creativity required to negotiate and close the sale. We are relationship focused. We hope you will contact us to see how easy it is to sell a note, and to begin a long, mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

Why Choose Grand Bank?
Our management team is a pioneer in the owner-financed industry. The bank was one of the first nationwide buyers of privately held notes and has been a major buyer in the owner-financed industry ever since. For over 43 years we have met the needs of sellers by purchasing and servicing notes across the nation.

Grand Bank understands the owner-financed business. We have the requisite experience and knowledge to find solutions for those tough-to-sell notes.

With over 43 years of purchasing owner-financed notes, our experience enables us to offer custom programs other buyers can't offer. You will find us flexible and creative in pricing so your seller receives the best option for their personal situation today. Follow this link to find out more: Purchase Options.

Quick Decisions
We utilize our own funds to buy loans for our in-house portfolio. This allows for quick decisions on even the most unconventional note, and achieves your primary goal of closing the deal as quickly as possible!

Selling a Portfolio of Notes?

We buy those too! While selling a portfolio of notes involves a more complex process than the sale of an individual note, we have years of experience buying both large and small portfolios. Contact our Note Buyers today!

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