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How much will I get for my note?

Generally speaking you will get more for your note dependent upon the following:

The best way to answer this question is to let us give you a quote. Click here to start that process.

What purchase options do you offer?

We offer several different purchase options to help fit your specific cash need. In addition, you will find that unlike other companies, we can tailor a purchase program to meet your specific needs by offering you unique options that others can’t. Click here for more details or call (800) 300-1467.

How long does it take to close my transaction?

It can vary but generally speaking 1 to 3 weeks. The more documentation you provide as soon as possible, the faster we can close.

What documentation do you require?

Here's a list of the items we generally require, although there may be more, and some of these items can be waived if not obtainable.

What costs will I be responsible for?

Generally, the quote you receive will be the amount you actually net out of the transaction. All fees will be paid by Grand Bank.

Are you really a bank?

Yes, we're an FDIC insured, federal savings bank, that takes in deposits and originates and purchases loans nationwide. You can visit our bank's main website here: www.grandbankfsb.com