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Grand Bank purchases owner-financed, real estate notes in all 50 states. In addition to note brokers and individuals, we also work with realtors, attorneys and title insurance companies who handle the sale of property or owner-financed notes.

Great way to Create Cash Liquidity

Selling all or part of an existing owner financed real estate note is a great way to provide cash liquidity for real estate owners who sell property and retain financing as part of the purchase price.

Earn Commissions for your Referral
You choose how you want to be paid! You contract with your client for any commissions, or we also pay Finder’s Fees to anyone referring business that result in a purchase.
(Subject to state licensing requirements.)

We Make it Easy

Our experts do all the work, just email or call us with your client’s contact information and we’ll take care of the rest!
Email: notebuyers@grandbankfsb.com
Phone: (800) 300-1467


You won’t find a more experienced bank than ours. As pioneers in the owner-finance industry, our management team has been purchasing notes for the past 33 years.


Grand Bank is an FDIC insured, federally regulated bank, so you know you're dealing with a buyer you can trust.